Support Policy

Support Hours

Our live chat support works between 07:00 AM (GMT) until 3:00 PM (GMT) every business day. We also offer support via email at: Although most of the support issues are handled within 24 hours, in some complicated cases, weekends and national holidays, it could take up to 72-96 hours, depending on the instance.

Supported Language

We provide support only in the English language. If you insist on receiving support in a different language we will use a translation service, which may limit the accuracy of the meaning of our replies.

Custom Services

Apart from the app plans we do offer an additional custom service that is available only for our unlimited plan users:

  • Translation app setup

For this service you will need to provide us with the name of the Translation app you are using and the language you want to translate the app to.

Note: This will require temporary access to your store. Upon placing your request you will need to give your consent that we are able to submit a request for access to your store. The access will be restricted only to these sections: Apps, Pages and Theme.

Terms and Support after delivery of the custom services

We generally provide 1 month (30 days) support guarantee for all configuration changes done by us. A warranty entails an obligation to eliminate any defects in the work, which are due to a production fault. In other words, during the warranty period (30 days after delivery) we will fix all software defects within the agreed time limit, given that the following conditions are met:

  1. The issue is a bug coming from our changes.
  2. The issue results from a bug that comes from our changes.

Priority Support

This type of support is only available for our Unlimited plan users. Their requests will be reviewed first at the beginning of the day. The rest will be replied from oldest to newest.

Support for custom changes applied by customers/merchants/3rd party developers

We do offer an option within the settings of our app for adding Custom CSS. We are always happy to address your custom requests related to that option though our support system. However, if you decide to make changes by yourself or by using a 3rd party developers through this option that result in an issue with the app's work afterwards, this will fall out of the Support scope that we offer for the app, as these changes are not introduced/approved by us or shipped initially when the app is first installed on your end.

Last updated: 9 May, 2023