Release Log

Version 3.6.6 (2024-07-05)
New Feature Add banner for First steps with the app
Improvement Use localStorage instead of third-party cookies for saving user state
Improvement Improve UX on "Error" page
Bug fix Fix the setting of the cookie bar's privacy policy link on the checkout page
Version 3.6.5 (2024-06-28)
Improvement Redesigned Design page
Improvement Improve UX on "General" page
Improvement Lift quota for paid plans
Version 3.6.4 (2024-06-21)
New Feature Add the option to automate the submitting of deletion request
New Feature Right to be Forgotten section in PIPEDA Compliance Page
Improvement Update installation email templates
Version 3.6.3 (2024-06-14)
New Feature Redesigned Dashboard tab with new statistics
Improvement Add GCM to the Quick Links and Navigation
Improvement Improve UX on all "Translation" page
Bug fix Fixed mobile quick-setup map scale and preview preferences
Version 3.6.2 (2024-06-07)
New Feature Add an option to set a cookie bar on the checkout pages
Improvement Lighter quick-setup world map and step 2 modal plan
Bug fix Fixed finish quick-setup settings checkboxes_behavior
Version 3.6.1 (2024-05-31)
New Feature Add an integration page for Shopify Customer Privacy
New Feature Add Google Tag Manager template integration script
Improvement Improve UX on all "Cookie bar settings" pages
Improvement Update the metafields to contain the titles of the cookie information panel
Version 3.6.0 (2024-05-10)
New Feature Full compatibility with IAB TCF 2.2 Framework
New Feature Add Australia + New Zealand region law (APA-NZPA)
New Feature Add Portuguese (Brazil), Japanese, Dutch, Portuguese translations of the app admin
Bug fix Fix initial setting of the consent_status event in the dataLayer
Bug fix Fix the unnecessary registering of the sale of data category in the policy acceptances
Version 3.5.32 (2024-04-26)
New Feature Add an integration for Global Privacy Control's signals
Improvement Translate Cookie Information table
Version 3.5.31 (2024-04-19)
Improvement General improvement on the Quick Setup page view
Improvement PIPEDA page in French
Bug fix Country flag in Consent Log tab fixed for Windows
Bug fix Fix 'Clear filter' button in Consent Log tab
Bug fix Language For The Request Emails & Request Pages are always in English
Version 3.5.30 (2024-04-12)
New Feature Add an option to customize Google Consent Mode 2's integration script
Improvement Add "Clear filter" button to the consent logs filters
Improvement Update the page that contains the integration for Google Consent Mode
Version 3.5.29 (2024-03-22)
Improvement Add additional filters (Customer, Consent given, Button interaction, Device, and Country) to the Policy Acceptances records on the Consent Log tab
Version 3.5.28 (2024-03-15)
New Feature Dashboard statistics for Daily acceptances and Daily deletion requests
Bug fix Switchers for receiving custom requests fixed for custom email address
Version 3.5.27 (2024-03-08)
New Feature Add Match Style tool for Enterprise user
New Feature Add watermark text in popup for Free user
Version 3.5.26 (2024-02-16)
Improvement Update the detection of the US compliance states on the compliance pages
Improvement Add country and device to policy acceptances table
Improvement Update the instructions of the Google Consent Mode integration
Bug fix Fix data export for mandatory Shopify webhook
Version 3.5.25 (2024-02-16)
New Feature Add integration for Google Consent Mode version 2
Improvement Better error handling when refreshing metafields
New Feature Add integration for Google Consent Mode version 2
Improvement Better error handling when refreshing metafields
Version 3.5.24 (2024-02-02)
New Feature Add a Sale of data category to the cookie bar
Improvement Modify the metafields to be able to contain double quotes and newlines
Version 3.5.23 (2024-02-02)
Improvement Update the instructions of GTranslate's integration process
Bug fix Fix the GCM's state updating when saving the settings
Bug fix Fix issues in Quick Setup for mobile
Version 3.5.22 (2024-01-19)
New Feature Add the option to enable and disable the metafields code automatically
New Feature Add the option to automatically integrate with a translation app
New Feature One time & recurring backups to Google Drive for all tables in Consent Log
Improvement Modify the manual instructions of the translation intgrations
Improvement Improve the loading speed of the metafields refreshing
Version 3.5.21 (2024-01-05)
New Feature Add Utah to the regions option
Improvement Add a new page with the current available plans for the Pro_Legacy users
Version 3.5.20 (2023-12-22)
New Feature Add Concierge to the Compatible apps in the Integrations tab
Improvement Show Consentmo's logo by default in the Compliance pages
Version 3.5.19 (2023-12-12)
New Feature Add the Hide the Cookie Bar in the theme editor option in the Cookie Bar Behavior tab
Improvement Modify the accessibility of the buttons that open the preferences popup
Version 3.5.18 (2023-12-01)
New Feature Translation of the admin panel in French, German, Italian and Spanish
New Feature Add Elevar to the Compatible apps in the Integrations tab
Bug fix Fix the issue on Safari that was blocking the re-open widget
Version 3.5.17 (2023-11-10)
Improvement Update the accessibility of the reopen widget, button and link
Bug fix Apply fix for error message related to Consent Tracking API
Version 3.5.16 (2023-11-03)
Bug fix Translate cookie description based on the default values when changing a language
Bug fix Cookie information is shown correctly when selecting a cookie from the Cookie Information Panel
Version 3.5.15 (2023-10-20)
New Feature Add text on Cookie Bar Widget as metafield & add text translations
Optimization Add a page for Pro Legacy users plan upgrade
Bug fix Use correct 'x' button on cookie bar
Version 3.5.14 (2023-10-13)
New Feature Add a gif button to the Re-open Cookie Bar Widget section
Bug fix Fix issue with location detection when metafields are present for data collection text
Version 3.5.13 (2023-10-06)
Improvement Update the images and the colour scheme in the app
Improvement Better accessibility and styling for compliance pages
Version 3.5.12 (2023-09-29)
New Feature Add a new pop-up which will show a list of the new features in the app
Improvement Update the default cookies list
Improvement Update the design of the import and export cookies sections
Version 3.5.11 (2023-09-21)
Improvement Add a loader to the Finish Setup button on the installation
New Feature Add the option to export cookies as a CSV file
New Feature Add the option to import multiple cookies with a CSV file
Version 3.5.10 (2023-09-15)
Improvement Refactor Help Center section to work with Consentmo FAQ
Bug fix Apply a fix for the Firefox browser for all switchers and previews boxes in Quick Setup step 2
Bug fix Move the Preferences Popup Preview next to the Cookie Bar options
Version 3.5.9 (2023-09-01)
New Feature Set the new customer privacy API in the compliance pages and the js file
Improvement Add logic for handling the country detection by using the new customer privacy api
Improvement Redesign quick setup step 3
Version 3.5.8 (2023-08-18)
Improvement Add Colorado CPA and Connecticut CTDPA to the regions. Unite all of the US Compliance pages into one US Laws Compliance page
Version 3.5.7 (2023-08-11)
Improvement New tab opens when the Compliance page link from the Preferences pop-up is clicked
Version 3.5.6 (2023-08-08)
New Feature Translate cookie bar & preferences popup texts with Google Translate
Improvement New tab opens when the Compliance page link from the Preferences pop-up is clicked
Version 3.5.5 (2023-07-21)
New Feature Add provider and duration to the cookies
Improvement Modify the validation and error handling of the cookie management functionalities
Bug fix Apply fix for all upgrade buttons and lock icons on mobile and tablet
Version 3.5.4 (2023-07-14)
New Feature Add the custom email address feature to receive notification emails related to the app's functionality
Improvement Add a sentence with a hyperlink that goes to Knowledge Base in the Help Center tab
Version 3.5.3 (2023-07-07)
New Feature Cookie bar integration for headless stores (Hydrogen)
Improvement Update app naming in various places
Improvement Fix image dimensions for different resolutions
Improvement Update styling & links for different email templates
Bug fix Apply a fix for show more/less more button on the features table Upgrade tab
Version 3.5.2 (2023-06-30)
Improvement Replace all h3 heading tags with divs on the preference popup and cookie information popup
Improvement Remove all br tags in the preference popup and in the preview section translation tab
Improvement Add partial and scheduled reset to the reset options
Bug fix Apply a fix for the labels on modern design in the preview section translation tab
Bug fix Fix the permissions updating
Version 3.5.1 (2023-06-02)
Improvement Add a quick link that leads to the Re-open Cookie Bar Widget settings
Bug fix Fix the option to delete a cookie
Bug fix Fix the saving of the manual cookie categorization
Version 3.5.0 (2023-05-23)
New Feature Add a widget that will reopen the Preferences pop-up
Improvement SEO optimization on the following landing pages: Release log, Guide, Partners, Support Policy, Data Breach Response Policy, DPA
Improvement Update the style of the Premium label
Bug fix Fix the preferences logo to not overlap with preferences header title
Version 3.4.23 (2023-05-12)
New Feature Add the exact time log in Error console tab in the Admin Panel
Improvement Update the adding, remove and detection of the blocking scripts
Improvement Add a class to the buttons that submit consent
Improvement Add logic for handling the execution of the blocking scripts from the front-end file
Bug fix Fix the setting of the Shopify tracking consent for the close button
Bug fix Add ids to categories text paragraph for the Classic layout
Bug fix Add a fix for the Cookie Bar in corner positions when the text is too long
Version 3.4.22 (2023-04-28)
New Feature Logo addition in preferences popup
Improvement Update the integration instructions in the Translation integration pages
Bug fix Fix the search results in the Live chat section on the Help Center page
Bug fix Fix the Copy button on FAQs on the Help Center page
Version 3.4.21 (2023-04-25)
Improvement SEO optimization on the Release log page
Improvement Generate the compliance pages after finishing the Quick Setup
Version 3.4.20 (2023-04-07)
Improvement Update the responsiveness of the cookie bar preview in the Translation page
Improvement Update the styling of the cookie bar preview in the Translation page to have black borders when the background color is white
Improvement Update the styling and responsiveness of the fields and buttons on the Translation page
Improvement Add instructions for manually integrating the metafields code in the Translation page
Improvement Update the header section of the Service Tracking Integration pages
Optimization Remove the automatic adding and removing of the blocking scripts and metafields code
Bug fix Fix the text and styling of the cookie bar preview in the Cookie Bar Behaviour page
Bug fix Fix the multiple toast messages that show after changing the Cookie Bar language
Version 3.4.19 (2023-03-24)
Improvement Update the design of the Translation tab
Version 3.4.18 (2023-03-17)
Improvement Update data collection texts in all compliance Pages
Bug fix Apply fix for the Reset Customer Consent button in the Global Settings
Bug fix Escape single quotes in the predefined translation texts
Version 3.4.17 (2023-03-10)
New Feature Add CCPA-CPRA & VCDPA Compliance Pages
New Feature Add compliance pages filtering in Records tab
Improvement Add support of all EU languages
Improvement Update the app embed workflow and vintage theme support
Improvement Add a link to the Help Center in the Merchant support section
Version 3.4.16 (2023-02-24)
Improvement SEO optimization on the home landing page
Version 3.4.15 (2023-02-17)
Improvement Add the Shopify's Translate & Adapt app to the translation apps
Optimization Remove the popup that notifies when the CCPA Compliance page should be updated
Bug fix Fix the interaction with the button used for updating the PIPEDA Compliance page
Version 3.4.14 (2023-02-10)
Improvement Add Shopify Translate & Adapt to the Integrations tab
Improvement Add Switzerland to the Quick Setup map
Bug fix Apply fix for filtering in Records tab by date ( compatibility with latest Chrome version )
Version 3.4.13 (2023-02-03)
New Feature Add enable globally option on the quick setup
Improvement Update the design and rearrange elements on the quick setup
Improvement Cookie Name field disabled in the Cookie Information Panel
Improvement Modify the accessibility of the classic layout's checkboxes
Version 3.4.12 (2023-01-30)
Improvement Improve region detection in HelpCenter
Improvement Update the integration with Shopify's Consent API to include the latest changes of the do not sell rule
Improvement Optimising the language update in the Translation tab
Improvement Add a note in the success banner on the app admin to show the region for which the app is enabled according to the merchant location
Bug fix Fix the CCPA and APPI banner alignment for mobile in the app admin
Version 3.4.11 (2023-01-20)
Improvement Update App Bridge library to the latest version
Version 3.4.10 (2023-01-13)
Improvement Modify the accessibility and the keyboard navigation of the cookie bar's layouts and the compliance pages
Version 3.4.9 (2023-01-06)
Improvement Add Andorra to GDPR regions
Bug fix Fix Personal Information download functionality
Bug fix Fix for emails that are sent when submitting "Do Not Sell" request
Version 3.4.8 (2022-12-23)
Improvement Add the following cookies to the Strictly Required & Analytics groups: identity_state,identity_customer_account_number,customer_auth_provider,customer_auth_session_created_at
Improvement Update search suggestions results in the help center
Version 3.4.7 (2022-12-16)
Improvement Upgrade plans page feature list addition
Bug fix Fix iOS/iPhone issues
Version 3.4.6 (2022-12-09)
Bug fix Regard subscribe/unsubscribe status when sending certain emails
Bug fix Fix price in Upgrade plans page for Pro_Legacy users
Version 3.4.5 (2022-11-25)
Improvement Add bot detection on the front-end
Improvement Minor database improvements
Bug fix Add fix for scroller issue on iOS devices
Version 3.4.4 (2022-11-18)
Improvement Update the accessibility text of the elements in the cookie bar
Bug fix Add fix for close button behavior for Pro Legacy users
Version 3.4.3 (2022-11-11)
New Feature Add new strictly required Shopify cookies to default cookies
Improvement Make the option for translating the cookie bar & preferences popup free
Bug fix Fix email account validation when submitting a request through the Compliance pages
Bug fix Fix the positioning of the 'Watch Video' button and spacing below the images in the guide page
Version 3.4.2 (2022-11-04)
Improvement Generate the PIPEDA compliance page upon installing the app
Improvement Modify the text in the Google Consent Mode's integration page
Improvement Modify the updating of the CCPA compliance page from the popup so that it is generated if the page is missing
Bug fix Fix the issue of the compliance pages missing when installing the app
Bug fix Fix the service integration pages' text, buttons and updating states
Version 3.4.1 (2022-10-28)
Optimization Set the monthly plans selected by default in the initial plans page for BF promotion
Improvement Add a Black Friday promotions
Improvement Update the Google Consent Mode integration with our app
Improvement Update the integration of our app with Analyzify
Version 3.4.0 (2022-10-21)
New Feature Add new layouts - Classic and Modern
New Feature Add new Reject and Reject All buttons
New Feature Add annual plans
New Feature Add FAQ for compatibility with Transl8
New Feature Add videos for FAQ #118
Improvement Update tooltips content
Bug fix Fix showing of Initial plans page
Version 3.3.22 (2022-10-14)
Bug fix Update the tooltips in the app
Bug fix Fix the redirection to different pages and tabs
Version 3.3.21 (2022-09-30)
New Feature Add test to see if platform plan is partner test and enable recurring charges for the Standard plan
Improvement Add the functionality to update the blocking scripts if they are already added
Improvement Update the functionality of the automatic adding and removing of the blocking scripts
Improvement Update the banner in the tracking service integration pages to notify the client about reverting manual changes
Bug fix Fix the link in the blocking script integration specification banner to open the page externally
Version 3.3.20 (2022-09-27)
Improvement Modify the quota calculation to not be incremented when viewing the cookie bar in the store in Admin Mode
Improvement Set the default value of the "Regard the Initial State Of The Cookie Bar for the 'Accept' button" option to "No"
Improvement Modify the handling of the "Regard the Initial State Of The Cookie Bar for the 'Accept' button" option to be set to "No" when it is missing or is empty
Bug fix Apply fix for the redirection on stores with new domain structure
Version 3.3.19 (2022-09-16)
Bug fix Apply fix for an issue regarding the uploading of an image for email logo in the Design settings page
Bug fix Apply fix for 'Refresh Metafields' button not working properly for customers on Free plan
Bug fix Apply fix for custom email sender for deletion request notification emails
Version 3.3.18 (2022-09-09)
New Feature Add a banner in the app settings to enable the app from the theme app embed
New Feature Add a Preferences Popup preview in the Cookie Bar Behavior page
Improvement Separate the Cookie Bar page to three subpages - Cookie Bar Content, Cookie Bar Behavior and Cookies Management
Improvement Update the displaying of the content in the Cookie Bar, Integrations and Help Center pages on mobile resolution
Improvement Apply logic to redirect to the main page when clicking on the Help Center, Integrations, and Cookie Bar tabs while being in their subpages
Bug fix Fix the setting of the consent_status property for the Analyzify integration
Version 3.3.17 (2022-09-05)
Improvement Update Shopify Polaris library to latest version
Improvement Translate the cookie descriptions when chosing the automated translations of the preferences and cookie bar
Version 3.3.16 (2022-08-26)
New Feature Add Canada as a separate region in the GlobalSettings tab
Improvement Update the Google Consent Mode integration script so that it will not be set when our app is deleted
Improvement Refactor & Improve loading logic of Translation tab
Version 3.3.15 (2022-08-12)
Improvement Add Japanese and Portuguese translations for Cookie bar & Preferences popup
Improvement Add video button for Step 1 in Guide page
Improvement Add Privacy Policy & Terms of Service link to the notification emails
Bug fix Add validation for each cookie name when used for metafields
Version 3.3.14 (2022-08-05)
Improvement Make the preview in DesignTab stick to the top for small screen devices
Improvement Add a banner in the Translation Integration pages that notify the client if the integration requires metafields code to be applied
Improvement Update the opening of the images in the FAQ page to open in a modal
Improvement Add a copy button to the components in the FAQ page that contain code
Improvement Rename the options of the 'Action When the "Close" Button is Clicked' option
Bug fix Fix the expanding and shrinking of the questions in the Help Center page to be triggered only by clicking on the title
Bug fix Fix the Translation and Service Tracking integration pages' styling on mobile resolution
Bug fix Adjust styling of 'Enable Bar' button in notification bar
Version 3.3.13 (2022-07-29)
Improvement Fix the Shopify alert for stores with the new domain structure
Improvement Fix the loading of the Upgrade Plans page
Improvement Fix all FAQ links to open in a new tab
Version 3.3.12 (2022-07-22)
New Feature Add a button for automatic removing of the metafields code
New Feature Add option to automatically translate the cookie bar & preferences popup in German, French, Spanish and Italian
Improvement Optimize the added metafields code to the liquid files, by creating a separate snippet file and including it to the theme.liquid file
Improvement Update the metafields code to trim the unnecessary new lines
Improvement Update FAQ 71 by adding instructions on how to apply the metafields code automatically and manually
Improvement Update the information in the tooltip of the "Manage metafields code" section
Improvement Add success and error messages when the metafields code is being added or removed
Improvement Update instructions in Guide page & add Table of Contents navigation
Version 3.3.11 (2022-07-15)
Improvement Update the code block for FAQ number 27
Bug fix Fix the 'Skip' button in Quick Setup page to select default option
Version 3.3.10 (2022-07-04)
Bug fix Fix to not showing the bar on Pro Legacy users in Canada
Bug fix Fix the saving for the enable for specific regions of Pro Legacy users
Bug fix Fix the initial setting of the "Regard the Initial State Of The Cookie Consent Bar for the 'Accept' button" option
Version 3.3.9 (2022-06-24)
Improvement Redesigned upgrade plans page and initial plans page
Improvement Added a banner for users who are on the Legacy Pro plan
Improvement Update the information in the tooltip of the "Regard the Initial State Of The Cookie Consent Bar for the 'Accept' button" option
Improvement Add the Cookie Information Table functionality
Bug fix Fix the initial setting of Shopify's consent tracking to depend on the cookie bar's initial state
Version 3.3.8 (2022-06-17)
New Feature Add an option for close button to choose between button and icon
New Feature Add button for generating a PIPEDA compliance page
Improvement Redesign and rearrange colors for preview in Design Settings tab
Improvement Add metafields for the description of each cookie
Improvement Move close button to Design Settings tab
Improvement Add a guide video to Langify's integration page
Improvement Update the styling of the Integration page
Improvement Update the Privacy Policy of the app
Bug fix Fix the export of requests from the Compliance Pages
Bug fix Show the correct type of submitted requests in the Records tab
Version 3.3.7 (2022-06-13)
New Feature Updated the Integrations page by adding a Service Tracking page that contains the tracking service integrations our app provides. Those tracking services include Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, Google Analytics 4, Google Ads, Google Tag Manager and Google Consent Mode
New Feature Add buttons for automatic adding and removing of the blocking scripts used for integrating our app with tracking services. Every tracking service listed in the Service Tracking page contains both buttons
Improvement Update the instructions and the blocking scripts of the FAQ page's sections that contain our app's integrations with tracking services. Those FAQ sections are 17 ( Google Tag Manager ), 18 ( Google Analytics ), 19 ( Google Analytics 4 ), 20 ( Google Ads ), 21 ( Facebook Pixel ) and 104 ( Google Consent Mode )
Improvement Update the notification messages so that they will appear after a permission update is required
Bug fix Fix the redirection of the button "Go to Integrations" that is located in the Translation page
Version 3.3.6 (2022-06-03)
Bug fix Fixed the buttons redirecting to the Integrations and Upgrade Plan pages
Improvement Encrypt database for better security
Improvement Added support for IPv6 masking in the Records tab
Improvement Update default cookie lists & descriptions
Version 3.3.5 (2022-05-20)
Bug fix Fixed downgrade button to Free plan
Bug fix Fixed saving of central positions
Bug fix Fixed leftover widget showing for centered position
Improvement Add FAQs 113, 114, 115
Improvement Add Step 8 in the Setup guide
Version 3.3.4 (2022-05-16)
New Feature Add the option to translate the GDPR and APPI Compliance pages to different languages
Bug fix In the Design Tab the transparency of the colors is fixed
Version 3.3.3 (2022-04-29)
New Feature The GDPR/CCPA/APPI Requests and Deletion Requests tabs now have filter by date + exporting of filtered records
Improvement New Records tab that holds Policy Acceptances, GDPR/CCPA Requests and Deletion Requests tabs
Improvement Added a link for the selectors in the Custom CSS section of the Design Tab
Improvement Instructions on how to be compliant with the Canadian GDPR (PIPEDA) added in FAQ nr 112
Version 3.3.2 (2022-04-21)
New Feature Added centered positions for cookie bar for premium users
Improvement Rearranged the Design settings tab
Version 3.3.1 (2022-04-15)
New Feature Add the option "How to translate the consent bar automatically? (videos)" in the Translation tab that helps the user by navigating him to the Integrations tab
Improvement Change detection of the user_id when logging the Policy Acceptances
Improvement Update FAQs #57 & #95
Bug fix Fix stacking emails issue with Gmail client
Version 3.3.0 (2022-04-08)
New Feature Added APPI Compliance addition for Japan visitors
New Feature Added detection for the Canadian PIPEDA law
New Feature Compliance page detection in Data Collection text, based on IP location
Improvement Merged the “Enabled for All Countries” setting with the “Enable For Specific Regions” setting
Improvement New checkbox selection for the “Enable For Specific Regions” setting
Improvement Added an additional checkbox for the “Do Not Sell Rule” requests to the “Add Custom Email Address” field
Improvement GDPR and CCPA detection in the email subject based on a customer request
Improvement The CSV and JSON export to the corresponding compliance page
Bug fix Square brackets compatibility issue with some of the Shopify themes has been resolved
Bug fix Apply fix for front-end caching issue
Version 3.2.4 (2022-04-01)
Improvement Enabled the 90% quota reached email notifications for a selected batch of stores
Improvement Referenced the "How to translate the GDPR/CCPA app by using Transcy" blogpost in the Integrations tab
Version 3.2.3 (2022-03-25)
Improvement Added mobile view and new consent bar designs in the quick setup section
Bug fix Apply fix for the behaviour of the close button when it is clicked
Version 3.2.2 (2022-03-21)
Bug fix Apply fix for app to load if script is added more than once
Improvement Add LangShop app in Integrations page
Improvement Add Spocket app in partners page
Version 3.2.1 (2022-03-11)
Improvement Add support for guest customers for the submission of the do not sell rule request
Bug fix Applied fix for the incorrect updating of the dataLayer properties
Version 3.2 (2022-02-28)
New Feature Added Polish translation for request pages & emails
Improvement Full migration to Shopify App Bridge 2
Bug fix Fix for discarding the changes made in the Design Settings tab
Version 3.1.10 (2022-02-18)
Bug fix The visualization of the FAQ has been fixed
Improvement Added North Ireland to the quick setup map in the admin panel
Version 3.1.9 (2022-02-11)
Bug fix Apply fix for Functionality Header Text
Improvement Updated screenshots in FAQ #59
Version 3.1.8 (2022-02-04)
New Feature Add Lithuanian translation for the GDPR Request pages and email
Improvement jQuery is removed from the loading scripts
Bug fix Apply fix for Apple Mail compatibility with request emails
Version 3.1.7 (2022-01-28)
New Feature Add an option to notify admin when Data Deletion/Edit requests are submitted
Improvement Added Transcy app in integration and partners page
Improvement Updated screenshot in FAQ #38
Improvement In the design settings, the html is no longer displayed as plain text.
Version 3.1.6 (2021-12-17)
Optimization Code optimization for creating the GDPR/CCPA compliance page requests
Improvement Edit the texts in the modal when downgrading to Free plan
Improvement Add ID to HTML tag in regard to aria-labelledby issue
New Feature Add filter by date to the Policy Acceptances records listing and exporting
Bug fix Incorrect integration with the option "Limit data collection for EU buyers". Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel not fired when only "Marketing And Retargeting" or only "Reporting And Analytics" cookie categories are blocked.
Version 3.1.5 (2021-11-22)
Optimization Optimization of all images by reducing the size
Improvement Update compliance pages HTML files in FAQ #25
Version 3.1.4 (2021-11-12)
Improvement Add video tutorial for Translation Lab in the Integrations tab
Improvement New logo uploaded for the emails' header
Bug fix Icons being changed by translation apps when the language in a store is changed
Version 3.1.3 (2021-11-01)
New Feature BFCM promotion changes
Improvement Block bots from counting as views in the versioning function
Improvement Update the Privacy Policy page with servers info
Improvement Refactor the code for the TransaltionTab controller
Bug fix Add functionality cookie group in event listener when the accept all button is pressed
Bug fix Fix an issue on the loading of the Privacy Policy Acceptances page URLs in Mozilla and IE browsers
Version 3.1.2 (2021-10-22)
Bug fix Fix for updating the CCPA page popup
New Feature Add FAQ for app compatibility with translation app Transcy
Version 3.1.1 (2021-10-15)
New Feature Add description field which is displayed in the Preferences popup
Improvement Add tutorial videos in the Translation tab
Improvement Add tutorial videos in the Integration tab
Version 3.1 (2021-10-08)
New Feature Add complaince with the CCPA Do Not Sell Rule
New Feature Add endpoints for the Shopify GDPR Mandatory Webhooks
New Feature Add Online Store 2.0 Compatibility
Version 3.0.12 (2021-09-10)
Improvement Texts for request pages and emails in Portuguese
Version 3.0.11 (2021-09-03)
Improvement New unsubscribe page from which the user can choose to subscribe again to our newsletter or submit his feedback
Improvement "Add metafields to theme.liquid" button updating the metafields code if it exists in the theme.liquid file, rather than stacking a new one
Improvement Selectors added to the cookie categories' descriptions so that they can be targeted with CSS
Bug fix Matafields code not escaping single quote, double quotes and apostrophe
Bug fix Detection fixed for New Caledonia visitors
Version 3.0.10 (2021-08-20)
New Feature Analizify integration
Bug fix Translation fixes and improvements
Version 3.0.9 (2021-08-13)
New Feature Added new FAQ for blocking of Google Ads
Improvement Improved scripts for GA4 blocking in the FAQ page
Bug fix Fixed links in the footer in the pages of the app ( )
Bug fix Fixed routing of release log page
Version 3.0.8 (2021-08-09)
Bug fix Button in the Quota Reached popup redirecting incorrectly.
Bug fix Link in question 71 the FAQ page redirecting to the incorrect question.
Version 3.0.7 (2021-07-23)
Improvement Improved workflow for the Cookie Scanner
New Feature Configure admin email for deletion request notifications
Improvement Improved German translation for request emails
Version 3.0.6 (2021-07-19)
New Feature Add new "Integrations" tab
Improvement Add additional check for jQuery load on the front-end
Improvement Update GDPR/CCPA Compliance page files in FAQ page
Bug fix Fix for detecting visitor's IP for each submitted GDPR/CCPA Request
Bug fix Fix alignment of elements in Help Center
Version 3.0.5 (2021-07-12)
New Feature Storing the user's history of activities made in the settings of our app.
New Feature Added an "Interaction" property to the Policy Acceptances which shows if the client have clicked on the accept buttons or declined button.
New Feature Added "Compliance Type" property to the GDPR Requests which will show weather the GDPR Request is sent from the GDPR Compliance page or the CCPA Compliance page.
Improvement The settings of our app being responsive on all devices.
Improvement Added a tooltip to the quota limit statistics that shows additional information.
Improvement Modifying the "CreatedAt" property by adding time and time zone to it.
Improvement Modifying the "Accepted Page" property of the Policy Acceptances so that it represents the URL of the page on which the visitor gave his consent.
Improvement Modifying the order of the Policy Acceptances, GDPR Requests and Deletion Requests exported data so that it is ascending to the created date.
Improvement Modifying the default values of the "Email" and "CustomerID" properties of the Policy Acceptances, GDPR Requests and Deletion Requests to be more user friendly.
Improvement Modifying the accessibility of the GDPR/CCPA Compliance pages, Cookie Bar and Preferences popup.
Bug fix The visitor's IP not being set properly to the Policy Acceptances.
Bug fix Removed the outline on the cookie bar when it is focused.
Version 3.0.4 (2021-07-02)
New Feature Add a quick setup screen following the app installation
New Feature Add a language switcher & translations for Privacy Policy page
Improvement Improve responsiveness for Help Center page
Improvement Improve responsiveness in Global Settings & Design Settings
Improvement Optimization on the script loaded in the front end
Version 3.0.3 (2021-07-02)
Improvement Update tooltips for a faster load
Improvement Added a new partner in our partners page
Optimization Performance and security improvements
Improvement Added tutorial videos in our guide page
Version 3.0.2 (2021-06-14)
New Feature Add Help Center page
New Feature Front-end caching for faster load speed
Improvement Refactored fix for close button not functioning properly on iOS mobile devices
Version 3.0.1 (2021-06-07)
New Feature Norwegian translation added to the "Language for the Data Collection Text" option
Improvement Styling of the mail for quota limit reached updated
Improvement Link redirecting to the release log page added to the footer of our app's pages
Improvement Search button of the "FAQ" page in the "Help Center" tab removed
Bug fix Close button not functioning properly on iOS mobile devices
Bug fix Height of the Preferences popup calculated incorrectly on iOS mobile devices
Bug fix Uploading a logo for the "Show Store Logo" option not functioning properly
Version 3.0 (2021-05-28)
New Feature Add a release log landing page
New Feature Add Turkish translation for data collection text
Improvement Update the text for data collection text in Spanish
Improvement Check to prevent the multiple loads of the front end script
Bug fix Fix the help center regarding the Tawk update
Bug fix Update the FAQ links on the Translation tab
Bug fix Add missing images to the FAQ
Bug fix Cookie consent bar not closing when pressing the Accept button on iPhone